Martien Kelderman




Martien Kelderman

New Plymouth

Martien did his training in economics, earning a B Comm and an MBA, and in theology with an MTh. This led him into work experience in teaching, commercial business both as employee and self-employed, Christian Agencies, and now for 10 years as senior pastor in a church.

In the leadership of Effective Negotiation Services, an international consulting firm out of Australia, Martien learned the value and skills of negotiation, a practice he brings to mediation. In mediation two parties negotiate with each other and the mediator helps with process.

Martien was both mediator and board member of Resolve (Christian Service for Disputes Resolution) Inc for 12 years, accredited through Peacemaker Ministries.  Martien has provided a wide range of mediation services to churches, trusts, in business settings and into conflicts between individuals.

Martien is based in New Plymouth.

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