About Us – Our History

Christian Resolution was established by the late Glyn Carpenter as a panel of Christian dispute resolvers to continue the legacy and relationships of Resolve (Christian Service for Disputes Resolution) Inc. Resolve Inc was a widely recognised resource for churches in New Zealand from 1997-2016. Our mediator and conciliator Neil Evans was CEO of Resolve for 10 years until Resolve Inc ceased to operate in 2016. Another of our panel, Martien Kelderman, was a board member of Resolve Inc for 12 years and is himself a trained Christian dispute resolver through Peacemaker Ministries Inc (USA).

In 2010, Glyn Carpenter met the American author of the foundational book  The Peacemaker’, Ken Sande, at Lausanne III, the international evangelical congress. The resources and services provided by Resolve-Christian Resolution are based on Ken Sande’s book and his more recent work in Relational Wisdom™ .

In July 2021, Glyn asked Andrew Wilks, a former Auckland lawyer and trained mediator, to join the panel and to take over the oversight and day-to-day operations of Christian Resolution. Glyn passed away after a period of illness on 9 December 2021.

Christian Resolution was re-named “Resolve-Christian Resolution” in 2021 in view of its close connection with the original Resolve.