Andrew Wilks




Andrew Wilks


all Andrew trained as a mediator with the late David Newton (Accord Group) in Sydney in 2006. He practised law from 1986 to 2009, including 10 years with well-known Christian law firm Gaze Burt, where he also completed the Peacemaker Ministries (Ken Sande, USA) Christian Reconciler training course then offered in New Zealand by Resolve (Christian Service for Dispute Resolution Inc). 

From 2007 to 2009, Andrew was an accredited mediator with LEADR (now part of Resolution Institute), and mediated or provided advice in disputes related to franchising, business and inter-personal conflicts. From 2009 to 2021, Andrew was the NZ Director of a not-for-profit, Mission Without Borders, leading a team fundraising and shipping donated goods to support work and Christian outreach among the poor in Eastern Europe. Andrew is an Associate Member of Resolution Institute. 

In addition to providing conflict resolution and mediation services, Andrew has a passion for teaching Biblical principles of peacemaking, conflict resolution and reconciliation. He has his own blog site: Be Reconciled.

Andrew holds a Law and Arts degrees from the University of Auckland. He was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College (Auckland) in 2014.  

He is married to Elizabeth and they have two adult sons. 

Andrew is the first point of contact for all inquiries to Christian Resolution. He is based in Auckland.

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